03.02 2021 Website


Being a global company with an international mindset that goes beyond political boundaries, we are pleased to finally announce our online presence! Creating our website was hard work, requiring cohesive teamwork and the development of new knowledge and skills. Together with the website development company “Caballero”, we have accomplished this challenging task! 

We welcome you to explore our website and to read every detail of our company’s story. Our main goal when creating this website was to keep it as simple and efficient as possible. We value your time and believe that information should be presented in a structured and easily perceivable way. In addition to this, we wanted our website to be personal, allowing you to get to know us – the team behind the business. 

Alerio means “eagle” in Latin, and just like an eagle, Alerio Nordic is ready to spread its wings and conquer the world. While our eagle is heading north, we are rolling up our sleeves to connect resources globally and to make great ideas happen. Our team is at your service to take the load off your shoulders and to ensure the success of your construction project. 

Alerio Nordic Team

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28.07 2022


IELŪDZAM TEVI UZ ALERIO NORDIC GADA PASĀKUMU! Prezentēsim sasniegumus un pastāstīsim par saviem nākotnes plāniem. Programmā draudzīgas sarunas, sātīga maltīte, kokteiļi un atspirdzinoši dzērieni. Neizpaliks pārsteigumi!  Par uzkodām un dzērieniem rūpēsies “Piens”. Līksmu noskaņojumu garantēs Artis Volfs. Gaidīsim Tevi 19. augustā, 15.00! Dzelzavas ielā 120z Lūdzam apstiprināt ierašanos šeit. Ja Tev ir kādi jautājumi vai vēlies …


02.02 2021


PROJECT AKUREYRI DELIVERED! Retail shop project in an area of 2200 m2 in Akureyri, Iceland is our largest project so far, and we are proud that it was successfully delivered!  Alerio Nordic provided full service construction project management for the project Akureyri. Our services included steel structure & cladding design and calculations, material delivery & …


01.01 2021


WE ARE MOVING! Even though working from home has become the new normal, we still prefer face-to-face communication and brainstorming over a cup of coffee together with our lovely colleagues. Therefore, we are moving into our new office! It will take some time to set everything up before we can throw the office warming party, …